Focus your process,
sharpen your team.
Implement best practices across your organization: team, technique, and technology.
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Increase revenue, grow your organization & shorten your sales cycle

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Arm your team with the digital solutions that generate ROI.

There’s sales and there’s service.
Service is a must, sales is an art!

Improvement is impossible without objective analysis.

It is accomplished through introspection, by asking the tough questions, acknowledging shortcomings and articulating strengths in the best way possible.

As a business owner, you often know where you would like to be, but not necessarily the best way to arrive there. Our organization brings fresh eyes to your business practices and sales team strategy.

It takes more than service to generate sales. At dīgm, we offer a proven process 15+ years in the making. We increase revenue by combining psychology and technology.

"a key member of our sales team"

Lemar and I have worked together for several years. Lemar is a key member of the Strategic Initiatives team, responsible for creating and launching new initiatives to increase customer engagement, by leveraging various digital technologies and other concepts. Lemar is a key team member to this very important team.

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Lynn Torrent
Travel and Hospitality Professional

To work with Lemar is to experience firsthand a masterclass in the practical application of creativity. Lemar has a unique ability to pinpoint areas of opportunity and execute a comprehensive strategy with a focus that is unwavering.

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Larry Felix
NiQuan Energy LLC
"Made a LASTING IMpact"

Lemar's leadership is something to be envied. His ability to ideate, create and problem solve consistently allows him to develop cornerstone  initiatives that have a lasting impact. I always appreciated working with Lemar and was equally impressed by his ability to listen and challenge.

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Megan Robinson
Leadership Coach
Improvement is impossible
without action.
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