At dīgm Consulting we believe in maximizing human capital through development and digital enhancement. Adoption is the primary indicator of a successful solution.

Our teams' collaborative approach, with all levels of your organization drives timely, quantifiable solutions that are built to last.
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Our world revolves
around you

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Strategic THOUGHT

Purposeful thought, focused on results

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Quantifiable, qualitative and

OUR Mantra
Sales people are made

Everyone is born a natural salesperson, some people embrace it and some don’t. We help teams fall back in love with the game.

Service is sales

Not every sale is a yes, but "no" isn’t where it stops. People support brands in many ways and it isn’t always a purchase. Your sales approach permeates every customer through reputation and communication.

Sales is marketing

Sales starts with service, a great customer experience is step one in any sale. You only get one chance to make a good impression.

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Lemar Ingram
Over the course of his career Lemar has served as a sales coach, operations manager and creative director.  His initiatives have ranged from virtual agent optimization to scalable social selling. Lemar’s expertise includes strategic and high-performance coaching. With a proven ability to develop strong, efficient and impactful sales leaders who drive maximum results.

As a champion of digital transformation he utilizes a distinct methodology, transitioning key initiatives from theoretical to quantifiable. The goal of his process is seamless integration and long-term adoption.
A headshot of Lemar Ingram
Improvement is impossible
without action.
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