December 3, 2020
Process Report: Are You Failing?

Expectations are based on data analysis, week over week or year over year, are terms that are all too familiar. Seasonality becomes part of predictive analytics as the synergy between marketing and sales provide context for your business intelligence. Then it happens, the disruption, the occurrence that impacts demand levels or the development that destabilizes your process.

This could be in the form of new competitors, technological development, in the case of 2020 a pandemic. Now nothing is as it was, expectation regarding output seems impractical. Sales divisions are one area significantly impacted by this year’s disruption.

While it may slow, what cannot happen is a halt of business. Sales is the lifeblood of the organization. No matter the trauma the sales divisions must persevere.

Productivity is significantly affected as representatives adjust to the reality of working from home,
recalibrate the utilization and deployment of soft skills in work-related conversation and deal with their personal obligations, all factors which impact their acuity. 

How do you foster a sense of normalcy in this climate? Here is where process shines through. Prior to our current state “business as usual” may have camouflaged flaws that are now glaring. The brilliance of the Roman army was exemplified in their camps. The organization and orientation were consistent regardless of location.

This fostered a sense of normalcy in the most uncertain of times, live combat. Having a defined process made them one of the most effective military forces of all time. As you retool and bolster your sales divisions consider your process.

  • How defined is it?
  • How nimble is it?
  • Does it serve as a compass for your employees during uncertain times?
  • Can your employees trust your process?

If you cannot answer these questions with the degree of certainty needed to ensure your organization's survival, now is the time to forge the process that will help you navigate future disruptions. Ask the tough questions

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