December 3, 2020
The Greats Create Advocates

The greats create advocates.

Evolution is more often than not a matter of necessity as opposed to convenience. New changes in the consumer landscape are ushering in the next iteration of sales. Factors such as perception, digital advancement and consumer behavior are shaping the new ecosystem.

Given the cost of lead acquisition, the idea of the single transaction sale should have already met its end. Each customer is worth significantly more than their average spend per sales cycle. Forward-thinking organizations are seeking sales professionals who understand not only their value as ambassadors and message amplifiers but also the value of a satisfied customer as an advocate.

Think of how we consume goods. Be it product or service the customer’s journey has shifted significantly. When there is interest in a particular product/service most customers visit websites and forums to determine what best suits their needs. This decision process is guided by the testimonials of members of their networks or neutral third parties. Customers will visit a branded site after it is endorsed. The online experience allows them to enquire and explore without pressure. The expertise previously sourced from a salesperson is replaced by crowd-sourced guidance.

For sales divisions to remain a viable contributor to the bottom line evolution is imperative.

Solutions utilizing the technology of the time while coinciding with consumer behavior should be the priority of every sales director. Mechanisms to utilize employee and consumer advocacy offer obvious next steps. Evolution by definition is a gradual development as opposed to a complete overhaul. While the customer has already incorporated reviews and testimonials into their pre and post-purchase process most salespeople have not immersed themselves into their customers’ new journey.

  • What is your sales team role in the new customer journey?
  • Have you enabled customer advocacy?
  • Is your customer advocacy contingent on a transaction or an interaction?

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